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Who Moved My Cheese [Full Detail Summary]


Executive Summary:

This is the story of Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and Your Life by Spencer Johnson, who is an author of children's books and created a parable book that people can relate too. 

The book is a #1 Bestseller and the world's most popular management method. Dr. Johnson is an author, speaker, and management consultant, born in South Dakota. He earned a degree in psychology and an M.D. In 1998, during a time of significant change that was going on in the world, Dr. Johnson wrote a book to help people and businesses deal with change. In this book, Johnson uses simple parables to show lessons that the characters in the book go through in the story.

Who moved my cheese book summary
Who moved my cheese book cover
The story begins as an old fairytale with, once upon a time and only deals with four characters and cheese. Now cheese is used to make a person happy or what a person holds dear to them. The main characters are a pair of little people and mice name Hem, Haw, Sniff, and Scurry. They live in their own houses outside of a big maze. Every day, the four-character would head out into the maze to find the cheese. Now, there was a difference between the little people & the mice, of course.

The mice were unaffected and used trial & error method to find the cheese, which one mouse would smell for the location of the cheese, and the other would run ahead, and most time, they would be wrong. On the other hand, the little people had complex brains with belief and emotion as it is told in the book. Because of the few people's sophisticated minds, it made life in the maze harder for them. Not long after, the characters found their cheese in what the book calls, cheese station C.

As time passes, the humans got comfortable thinking the cheese would be there forever. But as time pass, the mice started to notice that the supply of cheese was getting low. Then one day, both the mice & little people came to Cheese Station C and found no more cheese. The mice didn't panic, and they just went into the maze to find more food. On the other hand, the little people found themselves in a pickle, wondering what happens to the cheese. Hem and Haw stayed in cheese station C, wondering what happens, and not adapting.

Then, one day Haw decides to go looking for new cheese in the maze, but by this time, the mice had already found fresh cheese in cheese station N. Haw went off into the maze to find new cheese and left ham at the station. During his travels in the maze, Haw learns a lot of great lessons that anyone could in any part of their life. Haw was teaching readers what not to do when facing change. On the other hand, the hem didn't want to leave the station, he got too comfortable and felt the cheese would return.

After much time in the maze Hew, finally reach Cheese station N, where he found the motherload of cheese. During his travels to find the cheese, Haw wrote on the wall of all the lessons that he learned, hoping one day his friend would one-day leave station C. Haw now make sure to check the cheese level and make it doesn't go wrong. Haw learn to change, and be ready to change quickly again & again. The story ends with Haw hearing footsteps in the maze.

The Ten Things Managers Need to Know from Who Moved My Cheese?

who moved my cheese infographic
Infographic of Who moved my cheese.
  1. The first thing managers need to know is that change happens. Change is something we all must deal with, whether at home or in the workplace. Managers must understand that difference is not something you can get erase from the equation. The difference is a factor that we all must deal with during our time, while we are alive.
  2. The second point that is needed to be told is, "Anticipate the Change." Managers must try not to be hit the blindside with the change because change can come from any direction. The manager has to see the change coming or be aware that change is going to happen.
  3. My third point is for any manager to "monitor change" in their workplace. Check around the workplace from time to time, make sure everything is up to date, and that nothing is getting old or expired. Do not, as a manager, wait for the change to hit, have the shift predetermined in records.
  4. A key that managers need to do is to adapt to change quickly or else. Tailoring is a natural way of life. We all must adapt to change soon, or we will get left behind or worst, extinct. The faster you as a manager adjust to the ongoing change, the better your company is well off.
  5.  Another point is to enjoy the change you are going through. Many times we worry too much about change. The worry we have for change blinds us from the significant change happening in front of our faces. This means enjoying the journey good or bad because when you look back on it, you can say wow.
  6. One of the most significant points for a manager is to be ready to change quickly and enjoy it again. Just because you made it through this change, does not mean that it is over. Change happens 24-7 in every way possible and must change along with it. Another thing is to enjoy the switch again and again as it comes around.
  7. As a manager, this point is hard to overcome, and that is "Do Not be Afraid." Managers must overcome fear when making changes. Being afraid holds a person back from deciding to change. Once a person can master the art not being afraid, life will celebrate with happiness.
  8. This is my personal favorite, old habits or belief will not lead to the new change. If you want something new to happen, you, as a manager, most think of something you haven't tried yet. The hoping and old way can lead to a new outcome is a horrible way to remember if you're a manager.
  9. Taking steps in a new direction can be one of the great things for a manager. Find a new road to make your company, because that one of the ways you can progress. Finding the original path to take separate your company or branch from the rest.
  10. The last key point for managers is to just "Change." Stop worrying about why this is happening, or how I can stop it, just change. Change is inevitable, so just make the necessary adjustment, don't try to fight it. Change can be good or bad, move along with it hope of it becoming beneficial for your workplace.

Full Summary of Who Moved My Cheese?

INTRODUCTION: Who Moved My Cheese? Phenomena

This story was created by Dr. Johnson to help himself deal with change in his life. The story taught him to take turns seriously, but not himself. During his life, after making the story, his friends started to see a much better Spencer. So one day his friends ask him what his secret is, and then he reveals his story called "Who Moved My Cheese?". Johnson wrote this story using parables and metaphors to tell this story, and it was so simple anyone can understand it. So one of his friends that co-author another book with him, encouraged Johnson to write a book to share with the world.

A Gathering in Chicago:

The book began with a group of high school friends meeting up for lunch after their reunion last night. The people who showed up were Jessica, Carlos, Nathan, Michael, and Angela They want to catch up a little more and see what was happening in other lives. As the conversations progress, things started to get fascinating. Everyone began to talk about all the changes that been going through their lives, which was mostly wrong. Hearing all the stories from his old friends, Michael said he was afraid himself until he read a cute little story that changes everything for him. So Angela asks Michael to tell the story to everything, and so began the story of Who Moved My Cheese?.

The story takes place in a maze where four characters are searching for their cheese. First, we have two mice name sniff & scuff, and then we have two little people name Hem & Haw. The mice were simple-minded with the right instinct as mice would, but the few people had complex brains, beliefs, and emotions.

As different as the character were, they share a common goal, or as the book would say, Cheese. Every morning both groups would head out into a maze to find their cheese. The labyrinth was described as a "labyrinth of corridors and chambers, dark corners and blind alleys." But if the characters found their way through the maze, they would discover a secret that would make their lives better.

Sniff & Scurry use the necessary trial & error method in finding the cheese, as for Hem & Haw used their ability to think and develop more sophisticated from past experiences in order to find their Cheese. Eventually, both groups using their own method found the cheese they were looking for in a place called "Cheese Station." Days after seeing their own version of cheese, the little people started to get comfortable and making a specific routine. But the mice kept on doing the same method every morning that got them to the cheese.

Not long after, things started to change in Cheese station C; the mice realized that the amount of cheese they had was getting low. But for Hem & Haw, they were into their own routine that they never notice.

Finally, one day Hem & Haw left their homes and return to the station to find that all the cheese in the station was gone. The little people were so unprepared for what they saw. Hem the shocked of too, when on a rampage yelling "where my cheese! NO Cheese", and as for Haw, he stood there in disbelief.

The little people's behavior was understandable, for they no longer had their cheese. Now, while all this is going on, the mice were already in the maze searching for new cheese. The reason for this is that Sniff & Scurry had noticed the supply of cheese was getting smaller. The mice were not surprised and did not overanalyze the situation. They just knew that the situation change, so they change with it.

The More Important Your Cheese is to you, the more you want to hold on to it.

The next day Hem & Haw returned to the Cheese station C, and there was no cheese. The little people didn't know what to do, so Hem started to analyze the situation and thought, "Why did they do this to me"? Haw look around and said, "By the way, where are Sniff and Scurry," but Hem didn't pay it no mind. Haw started to think, what did the mice know, that we didn't. Hem said, "they're just mice, they only respond to what's happening, but we're people. We are smarter than mice. We should be able to figure this out. Haw tried to explain to Hem that they work figured this out, but Hem didn't want to listen. While this is going on, Sniff & scurry were finding themselves in unknown are of the maze with the only thing on their mine was finding new Cheese. So the mice came up to Cheese Station N, and to their joy, they found the most significant supply of cheese they have ever seen. Meanwhile, Haw & Hem were still fighting and not doing anything to change their situation.

If You Do Not Change, You Can Become Extinct

Haw started to realize that things change and are never going to be the same again, which is life. So Haw look at his friend and tried to talk some sense into him one more time. 

The hem wasn't had it, so Haw got up prepared himself to enter the maze, but first, Haw wrote something on the wall as a lesson learned "IF You Do Not Change, You Can Become Extinct. Then Haw headed out into the maze. He thought about all kinds of negative things, and the fear was mounting. As Haw looked back to see where he came from, he started to feel comfortable.

What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid

This was something Haw thought about as he was running through the maze. He knew some fear is reasonable, but being too afraid things will get worse if a person does not do anything about it. While Haw was running through the maze, many thoughts cross his mind. Haw thought, why did I took so long, what if I don't find new cheese? Since haven't had Cheese in so long, Haw was weak and said if he ever got fresh Cheese again, he would get out his comfort zone and adapt.

Smell the Cheese Often, So You Know, When It Is Getting Old

Haw learned that change happens and to stay alert. Haw, decide that he would expect change to happen and look for the signs. He also would trust his instincts to sense a change coming. He thought maybe that is what mice did and because it, they were no surprise and was able to adapt quickly.

Movement in a New Direction Helps You Find New Cheese

Haw wrote many reminders on the wall, hoping that his friends would see them and finds his own way to the new Cheese. As Haw ran through the maze, he was not aware that he was discovering what nourished his soul. Haw was letting go and trusting the path lay ahead of him, even if he didn't know what it was exactly. While running through the dark passageway and aware of his fears, Haw started to enjoy himself. Before long, he knew why he felt good, and then he wrote it on the wall saying, "When You Stop Being Afraid, You Feel Good." He found that being held captive by his own fear is not good, but moving on in a new direction, freed himself from the fear. Because of this Haw, felt the cool breeze, took a deep breath, and felt invigorated. Haw has not felt this way in a long time and forgot this feeling.

Imagining Yourself Enjoying Your New Cheese Leads You to It

By this time, Haw is feeling good about himself as his search for new cheese. In his head, Haw started to paint a picture in his mind of the cheese that would be waiting for him. He saw in impressive detail the cheese he would love to eat from feta to American. The more he thought about it, the more confident and believe that he would find new cheese to help fuel him on his path. He kept thinking about all the pros & cons of his decision. Soon he found a station with a few pieces of cheese that gave him more energy to keep looking.

Old Beliefs, Do Not Lead You, To New Cheese

Haw came to understand that his new beliefs and mindset were encouraging new behaviors. His whole behavior change and in a nutshell, change what he does from now on. If you believe new cheese will bring you knew difference.

Noticing Small Changes Early, Helps You Adapt To, The Bigger Changes That Are To Come.

As Haw thought back on where he came from, Haw was glad he has written on the wall everything he had learned. He hopes it would serve a trail of breadcrumbs for his friend Hem to follow and reach his own Cheese. Haw knew he was in better shape to handle change much sooner than before. If he had done this earlier, he thought he probably would have found the cheese by now. By now, Haw left the pass behind with great strength and belief running through the maze. He imagines, again and again, enjoying his New Cheese and savoring every bite. When it looks like Haw had been in the maze forever, Haw walks done a long corridor that was new to him, and around the corner, he went and to his eyes.

Move With the Cheese and enjoy it.

Haw look up, and to his disbelief, he found New Cheese at Cheese Station N. Haw went inside and looked at the mountain of cheese that was in front of him. He didn't recognize all the cheese, because there was some cheese he had never seen before.

Haw stood there in wondering this real or a joke, until low and behold eating the cheese was sniff & scurry. Sniff welcome Haw with a nod of the head and scurry wave at him.

They have been waiting for the little people for a while, and you could tell by their fat little bellies. Haw said, "HI," then jump right in the cheese. As he was eating the cheese, Haw started to reflect on what he had learned. He realized that when he was afraid of change, he was holding on to the illusion of Old Cheese that was gone.

So he thought what made him change, then he laughs and knows he started to change what he was doing. He realized the fastest way to change is to laugh at your own folly and quickly move on. Haw knew he learns not to overanalyze or overcomplicate things. When the situation changed and the change moved, you must move with the cheese.

Then Haw reflected on his mistakes and used them to plan his future. He knew he could deal with change now. As time pass Haw enjoyed his New Cheese, but there was a moment where he thought he heard something coming through the maze, hoping maybe it was Hem.

The Discussion:

Finally, Michael finishes the story, and everyone said they learn a great deal from it. So they all decide to meet up later that night for drinks before the big dinner. Once they gather in the hotel, everyone started to joke about what was their cheese. They all describe their own situation to what had happened in the story. Once everyone told their stories, they began to say their goodbyes and thank Michael for a great story. Michael told them all, and he was glad that they found the story useful.

Personal Insights:

Why I think:

  • The author is one of the most brilliant people around…or is full of $%&#, because:

The author had a very insightful story to tell in this book. The story of "Who Moved My Cheese?" really does show up in everyday life, not just in the business world. I like how he uses a simple story as his metaphor that a normal person can understand and break it down. I feel it was too simple, but keeping things simple on a complex subject is a good idea.

  • With business conditions today, what the author wrote is – or is no longer true – because:

What the author, Dr. Johnson, wrote came to be used at any time, era, situation, or person. Using all the main point that was talking about in the book, readers can substitute the cheese metaphor for whatever thing they need it to be. Business conditions change all the time, so why not have a book that helps you understand and deal with change. So, in my opinion, the author is true and tells what can be done about it, for any business and people who are willing to use it.

Reading this book made me think differently about the topic in these ways:

1. From reading this book, I see why people, which from one thing to another, in their profession. I get why rappers and professional athletes try to venture into other things, looking for what u can say is new cheese. I understand more than the things that we do won't last forever, no matter what it is.

2. I learn that I need to not be afraid when wanting to venture out into something new that I would like to try. Being afraid will hold me back from being a part of something new or greater than what I have now. I enjoyed the book when it says what would you do if I wasn't afraid and that my friend can change everything.

3. I was surprised when the author said to enjoy the change that is happening. Change doesn't last, so enjoy the change and savor the adventure and learn from it. Enjoy the growth that you are going to with the change because, in the end, you would become a better person.

I'll apply what I've learned in this book in my career by:

1. Adapting to change quickly, I feel, is a must in your career. Change can happen to you even when you did not plan for it, so adapting quickly can keep you from being on the front of everyone else. I try to quickly adapt to the situation, even when there is not a thing you can do to stop it.

2. I found that the author talks about, if you lost your cheese, find a new path that can take you there to your new cheese. A new direction will help anyone find something different, but staying the same is not the answer. Companies always try to find new directions to be profitable, so why not myself, and the result doesn't have to be money.

3. Finally, I learned that having something that you can call your cheese can make you happy. Many times, what people call their cheese can change, I learned that if this type of cheese doesn't make you happy, change it.

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