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How to start career in SEO [Step By Step Guide from a professional]


Hello Everyone. I am sharing with you my personal eight-month experience in the digital marketing world. And I gave you a step-by-step guide on how to start a career in SEO(search engine optimization). 

The point which I mention in this blog is entirely my journey from mistake to learning.

Career in seo.
What you will learn from this blog topic is the quality or critical factor essential to start a career in SEO.

Let's begin.

Things You Must Know When Starting a Career in SEO:

If you want to start a career in SEO, an official degree in digital marketing, communications, or computer science may be of use.

But, as the IT businesses grow with each year, you need to learn to stand out from the crowd of people with the same degrees.

And, since SEO is the definitive future of online marketing, but its ever-changing nature doesn't allow colleges and universities to teach it as a subject, you need to learn it by yourself.

Fortunately, many SEO experts have opened up numerous times and shared their experiences with the community. You will have an opportunity to learn what you need to know to start a career in SEO.

  • Creativity:

This is the first and most important skill you have to possess if you want to venture into the world of SEO. To build something new and truthful, you need to think outside the box.

You need to make a product or service easily reachable by potential clients if you want a healthy business to succeed. The key to it is catchy and straightforward.

And by all means, refrain from copying content from other sites. You need to create and stick to a unique style that is preferable in the SEO stream.

  • Words:

Forget about the stigma of English and Journalism majors being a waste of time and useless.

Having a writer-oriented background is a huge plus when it comes to SEO jobs. That's because SEO involves writing well. After all, you need to be able to communicate not just to search engines but also to humans.

  • Learn the basics:

The best part about learning SEO is that you don't have to pay to learn the basics.

There are so many free e-books, blogs, videos, and web sites dedicated to this subject that are worth paying attention to.

You can start with Google's SEO Beginners Guide because SEO mostly orients towards that search engine.

There are many SEO services worldwide that have successfully worked in the past years, so you can turn to many of their experts that have decided to open up about the business – reading their blogs and thoughts about the ever-changing nature of SEO can be very beneficial for you.

  • Flexibility:

If you are passionate about digital, you may find your niche in the expansive world of search engine optimization.

But that's not always enough – another critical component of being proficient in SEO is an excessive thirst for knowledge. In an industry as dynamic as search engine optimization, you must never stop learning to remain relevant.

Don't get overwhelmed thinking you have to be an instant expert – understand that you should know why something new matters.

  • Be Analytic:

SEO's got a lot of data. Please handle all of the data SEO provides. While words are a crucial component of SEO development, numbers are essential as well.

Typically, analytical-minded thinking is harder to teach, so if you feel this is strength for you, SEO maybe your dream job.

  • Design:

It's not about words and data alone, either. When auditing a client's website, you have to factor in the client's entire web presence, which is not just technicalities.

That also accounts for the look, feel of the page, and the overall user experience. In SEO, content is what matters.

Having an optimized product page isn't enough. It also has to have appealing design elements and has to be user-friendly.

For this reason, mainly, web developers and designers are prime candidates for careers in SEO.

  • Observation Power:

In SEO, you have visited so many websites in a day. For keyword research, you have to see your competitive website and how they rank in google or bing or backlink purposes.

So, you have to keep observing each an every detail of the website which are related to your niche on a daily bases. And following a track record of what you have found during your research, which helps you to grow your website.

If you have observation power very strong, then you are the right candidate for an SEO career.

  • Final Thought:

SEO isn't for everyone. Keeping up with the trends all the time and continually thinking outside the box may be frustrating to some people.

There is much more than meets the eye in the SEO industry, and it's up to you to learn about all of the possibilities.

Always look for ways to continually develop yourself no matter what level of knowledge and skills you have, and you'll be ready.

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